Featured CNC Lathes

At Swiss Labs Machine & Engineering we are a top-ranking supplier of premier quality screw machined parts. Our facility houses an extensive lineup of very fast, very accurate, Swiss-type turning centers. Configured with up to 10 axes and featuring live tooling, back-working capabilities, and the ability to drill and mill at any angle, these machines enable us to produce parts in their entirety from a single setup. Our equipment also features magazine-style bar feeding systems that allow for long periods of high-velocity, lights-out operation, which enables us to meet aggressive deadlines while keeping cost low.

Sliding Headstock Type Automatic CNC Lathes

Cincom L20 Type V and VII both featuring 13/16” Stock Capacity

The L20 series has a flexible tooling line-up. Tools such as rotary tools that allow the simultaneous machining of front and back end faces, and tools whose mounting direction can be switched for the machining of an end face or cross machining, allows flexibility when machining complex shapes.

Cincom L32 Type XII featuring 1 1/2” Stock Capacity

Stable, powerful and highly productive this high-end model includes nine Cutting Axes (X1, Y1, Z1, X2, Y2, Z2, C1, C2, B). Up to 40 tools can be mounted at any one time supported by a very high level of control features.

Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe

Miyano BNX-42SY featuring 1 5/8” Stock Capacity

The BNX-42SY has two spindles and a single (12) station turret. Mounting 12 independently revolving tools on the turret makes it possible to perform complicated front and back machining by using a Y-axis slide. Coupled with the FMB 5-55 bar feeder, this machine also has the ability to run unattended.

Machine Features (all machines) Enabling Lights-Out Operations

  • HP Coolant Pumps (Cool Blaster) –; 4 Line & 8 Line Systems
  • MistBuster 500 –; Attached to a custom built filtration system
  • Citizen Chip Conveyors
  • Magazine-style bar loaders